Adam Dorn Biogoraphy

Adam Dorn is a self taught, international award winning photographer based out of Western Wisconsin who specializes in Fine Art Landscape Photography. He has traveled throughout most of Wisconsin, Eastern and Northern Minnesota, parts of Upper Michigan, Colorado, and the country of Nicaragua.
He began his passion for photography in the fall of 2011. After going through a tough time he was left with a lot of questions about life. He began to ask who he was, why he was here, and what he wanted to do with his life. He set out into nature, exploring new places, seeking out these answers to life. While exploring he brought along a camera and began to capture some incredible moments in time. On September 29th 2011 he had witnessed and experienced a sunset that forever changed his life. Awe struck and inspired, he became aware of the incredible gift he was given. To be able to capture nature in a way that provokes the same emotion he had when he pressed the shutter.  He purchased a DSLR and taught himself photography. He made a list of challenging shots to attempt. One after one he began to complete his list. Teaching himself new skills, honing his craft and talent.
With the advancement of his skill and work, Adam began to compete in competitions. In a short journey since 2011 Adam has won over 100 international awards for his photography. He continues to enter competitions on an international level. Fine tuning his skill through critiques and feedback from his peers.


In the fall of 2013 Adam made an investment in pro gear. He founded his business early on in the year of 2014. With his business founded, he set out on the international stage. He traveled to the country of Nicaragua where he worked with local hotels and travel agencies to help them with their photography needs. Along the way he was able to capture some incredible photos of Nicaragua's beautiful landscapes.


Adam's goal as a photographer is to remind everyone that nature is beautiful and worth protecting. That there is more to life than the busy lifestyle we all get consumed by. That we are a part of this world and not apart from it. To remind you to take a few moments out of your life to get out there and enjoy mother nature.


A recent goal of Adam's is to begin donating part of his profit from the sales of his photography to conservation initiatives.  Helping to purchase land so that it can become protected and open to the public.  To help with wildlife management and restoration.  Through this goal his collectors will not only be bringing nature indoors but helping create a better world by protecting nature for future generations to enjoy.


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